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Quit Building Income

Start Building Wealth

So many of us are doing the wrong things for the right reasons. We get new jobs, big promotions, change careers, improve our skills, learn new skills, all in order to find financial freedom.

But those things just get us more income, typically from a single source, which increases our dependency on that source. In turn, rather than gaining financial freedom, we lose even more of it. Increasing your income does not equal increasing your wealth.

Wealth is money that earns money, rather than time that earns money. Things like investments, assets, your own business, a side hustle or passive income stream.

Farewell Job is trying to create tools to help you build wealth rather than income, tools that we would (and do) use ourselves.

Our hope is that you can quit your job to focus on your purpose.

Our Products

5 Essential Calculators

Each of these excel sheets is aimed at showing you where you are today in terms of financial independence, and clarifying what has put you there. Many of these sheets are practical applications of principals taught by Guy Kawasaki, if you have not read (or listened to) his books, we highly recommend them.

The Calculators

  • Early Exit
  • Own vs Owe
  • Risk vs Reward
  • Income vs Wealth
  • Good Debt vs Bad Debt

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